Dennis W. Bartoskewitz Is An Important Man

Most people go through their entire life not having a single clue of the existence of Dennis W. Bartoskewitz. Dennis W. Bartoskewitz is part of a family that makes decisions that are so monumental that they affect our lives every single day of the year. He’s not alone in his efforts, as he has his friend, Steve Dernick, and his nephew, Matt Dernick, as part of his team. The next time you switch on a light, turn on your washing machine, or run your air conditioner, remember that the Dernick clan has been greatly responsible for your ability to do so. The Dernicks, and people like them, make decisions about who will be the recipients of energy and how it can be used most effectively. They even determine the price. Energy is manufactured in different ways. In the Dernick case, energy is gathered from our earth. Then it is refined in different plants. That energy is then placed into different forms. The Dernicks deal mostly in gas energy. After energy is refined and formulated, it is distributed and sold to the public. The Dernicks have to decide who needs it the most. The Dernicks even decide how the energy can be used most effectively. The Dernicks are extremely important people. Their difficult decisions affect all of us.

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